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A lot of people already have Dark Knight Rises tickets

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In a supreme show of faith in both the film and the idea that the world won’t be sent into a tailspin by the European markets, or consumed by angry stink beetles before then, fans have already snapped up nearly all the midnight premiere tickets for The Dark Knight Rises at IMAX theaters in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco—with some theaters in New York, according to /Film, even selling out weeks ago. Deadline reports that sales for these July 20 screenings weren’t advertised, but rather made at the discretion of theater owners who wisely took advantage of audiences there to see the six-minute prologue released with Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol: Grawlix Sector 8__>~~~, and with similar forethought, avoided having a hundred heat-exhausted Jokers on their sidewalks in the summer months. Since that strategy proved to be such a success, it seems logical that other IMAX theaters across the country could soon follow suit and begin selling advance tickets themselves. We recommend calling your nearest IMAX every five minutes until they do.


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