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America is not a country that’s exactly short on nationalist pride, monuments to war, or grandiose displays of military might. That said, there’s something scary/wacky about Russian President Vladimir Putin opening a $370 million “Patriot Park” for the Russian public during a speech in which he also announced 40 new nuclear ballistic missiles being added to the country’s arsenal. The park, which officials describe as a “military Disneyland,”—but actually appears to be more like an mashup between an air show, a theme park, and a war reenactment—features such diversions as eating food made from army rations at its concession stands, recreations of famous battles, and letting kids play with grenade launchers (though to be fair, what 10-year-old wouldn’t theoretically want to play with a grenade launcher?).

We’ve got a few photos below, while Mashable has a pretty remarkable set on its site of the playland that Putin calls “an important link in the system of military-patriotic work with young people.” At the very least, it’s something small to get your Russia fix until The Americans returns next season.

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