Lest you think that the Star Wars merchandising blitz ended with that lone can of SpaghettiO’s on Force Friday, the U.K. postal service is releasing a collection of Star Wars stamps due on October 20th.

For the young bloods out there, stamps used to be affixed to letters that were sent to friends, bill collectors, and in some cases to Kenner toys for a mail-in Anakin Skywalker action figure (which this writer has been patiently waiting for since 1983, way more than the promised six to eight weeks). The new sets of stamps feature new characters such as Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren as well as old friends like Princess Leia and Han Solo. (Unfortunately, there are no Willrow Hood or Gonk stamps for the true Star Wars fanatic.) Also being released in October is a stamp set that includes classic vehicles like the Millennium Falcon as well as the new black First Order TIE Fighter. As with most of the Force Awakens marketing, the stamps appear to largely ignore the prequel trilogy, save for a stamp featuring the shoddy Emperor makeup from Revenge Of The Sith— they would have been better off going with ol’ monkey eyes—and Hayden Christensen, who still seems stiff, even in stamp form.


Having delved into jigsaw puzzles and now stamp collecting, it can only be assumed that the Star Wars marketing machine will delve into other outdated hobbies by releasing a Rebel Blockcade runner that you can build in a bottle and a Kylo Ren lightsaber woodburning kit.

[h/t Mashable]