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A live reading of Space Jam is a thing that is actually happening

Illustration for article titled A live reading of iSpace Jam/i is a thing that is actually happening

Believe it or not, the Toronto International Film Festival will be hosting a live reading of DGA-award-winning director Joe Pytka’s Space Jam next month. Has a partially animated, basketball-themed action-comedy full of absurd sight gags and interstellar monsters ever seemed so perfect for the stage? The TIFF website gives a few scarce details:

In celebration of Space Jam’s 20th anniversary and the NBA All-Star Game in Toronto on February 14, TIFF Next Wave presents a live read of this Looney Tunes/​​live-action mashup with an exciting lineup of talent from the sports and entertainment worlds.

No word yet on the talent that will be participating in this magnificent theatrical event; TIFF asks us to “stay ’tooned’” for cast announcements, but a little speculation is kind of hard to avoid. Michael Jordan is seems likely to reprise his role as Michael Jordan, and this is a weird enough thing that the often-cagey Bill Murray coming back is not entirely out of the question. Lebron James is, for confusing reasons, kind of maybe attached to a Space Jam sequel already, so he’s like a distinct possibility. And how about James’ Trainwreck co-star Bill Hader? That guy’s in everything these days, even Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So let’s count him in, for the hell of it.

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