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A legacy must be protected in the dramatic trailer for Selah And The Spades

“You’ve got to grab onto that control wherever you can and hold tight for dear life, ‘cause they always try to take if from you, don’t they?”


Amazon Prime has released the stylish trailer to the 2019 Sundance NEXT selection Selah And The Spades. Set in a posh boarding school in Pennsylvania, the impressive drama peaks into a world ruled by five “factions”—The Spades, The Sea, The Skins, The Bobbies, and The Prefects. Of the five, Selah Summers (Lovie Simone) runs the elite Spades, the source of Haldwell’s more illicit recreational joys—you know, drugs, booze, and the like. As a graduating senior, Selah begins to witness her luster dim in the face of sophomore upstart Paloma (Celeste O’Connor). Selah is determined to maintain a firm grasp on the power she has cultivated over her high school career, but at what cost?

Selah And The Spades—which also stars 2019 Emmy winner Jharrel Jerome, Gina Torres, Jesse Williams, and Ana Mulvoy Tenis— is the feature film debut of writer-director Tayarisha Poe (Two Sentence Horror Stories), who is also writing, producing, and directing the spin-off series alongside fellow producer Lauren MacBride. Amazon Prime is set to release the film on April 17.

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