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CBS and Paramount first set a course for Star Trek: Discovery in November 2015, and though that path hasn’t exactly been smooth—the series lost Bryan Fuller as showrunner a year later—it’s still been a fairly exciting ride. The cast, led by The Walking Deads Sonequa Martin Green, looks very promising. A recent featurette teased the uniforms and the shining, newly buffed insignia of the revised logo. That video also featured a shot of some heavy metal, i.e., suits of armor that were full of spikes. We guessed those were intended for the Klingons we’re going to meet, including Chris Obi’s T’Kuvma, a Klingon leader trying to bring all the great houses together. This leaked photo from the set appeared to confirm those suspicions.


TrekMovie.com nabbed a screenshot of the Instagram post from one Andrew Mackay, a Toronto-based actor who shared a photo of the “Klingon crew.” Their armor looks to be the same stuff we saw in that featurette, including what look like some rad iron peplums. The design of the Klingons themselves is far more interesting, though—they have the familiar forehead ridges, but there are also appear to go all the way back to their napes. And some guys appear to have these spiny ridges on top of their skulls. Unfortunately, the photo has been pulled, with Mackay now telling ComicBook.com that the pictured aliens might not be Klingons after all. He just “thought they kinda looked like” they could have been having a meeting of the High Council.

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