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A Jay and Silent Bob reboot is finally on the way, Kevin Smith confirms

Photo: Don Arnold (Getty Images)

Kevin Smith has confirmed that Jay and Silent Bob, the iconic weed-dealer duo first introduced in his 1994 film Clerks, are finally in the process of being revived.

Smith announced in a tweet posted on New Year’s Day that a Jay and Silent Bob reboot is in “pre-pre-production,” along with a photo taken by beanie-sporting pothead icon Jay Mewes of Smith next to Mewes’ wife Jordan Monsanto. (Monsanto has been a producer on many of Smith’s previous projects, including 2014’s Tusk and numerous Jay and Silent Bob specials.)


Smith introduced the character of Silent Bob, played by Smith himself, in his 1994 cult classic Clerks, and has reprised his role as the speechless stoner in more than nine films since. The plan for a #JayAndSilentBobReboot was first announced in August 2017, and has seen little press since; much of Smith’s focus in 2018 was on his own health, following his nearly fatal heart attack on February 25 after performing a stand-up comedy special. While Smith has since lost more than 50 pounds, he hasn’t lost his signature look, complete with backwards baseball cap, jorts, and an ill-fitting blazer.


With so little information about the project available at this point, there’s no way to gauge where it will stand in the marijuana movie lexicon. But if even half of the potheads in America catch wind of it, there may very well be a box-office boom: What’s more fun to do when you’re high than watching two dudes on screen getting even higher?

[via Variety]


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