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A Japanese YouTube user made a bunch of terrific stop motion car chases

Are the Fast and Furious movies perhaps too fast and too furious for your liking? Did you watch The French Connection, and say "this is great, but I wish all the cars in it were toy cars?" Then YouTube user LUXE37 has a treat for you. He (or she, but let's face it, he) has posted several 3-minute stop motion car chase movies, compete with rough storylines and '70s-cop-movie-appropriate sound effects. While the chases are more exciting than they have any right to be, with squealing tires, crashes, and the occasional explosion, the thing that makes the whole enterprise work is the smaller, quiet moments—a police car pulling into a gas station before peeling out in hot pursuit, or fire trucks lined up at the station, just waiting for the call. That, my friends, is acting.

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