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A human-pig hybrid shits himself in this Bullets Of Justice trailer—plus, Danny Trejo!

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We’ve said it plenty of times around these parts, but it really is true that you can’t will a cult classic into being purely through commitment to weirdness. That being said, Bullets Of Justice is apparently the kind of movie that hears that sort of pronouncement, mutters, “Hold my beer,” and proceeds to slap together as much gross and outrageous shit as it can, as though daring you to not be at least a little curious. Which, fair enough, consider that bluff called: We’re going to check out this thing, for as long as we can stand watching a movie where a guy named Rob Justice hunts down a half-man, half-pig named Benedict Asshole. Here’s the surprisingly lengthy trailer, which is extremely NSFW, in case that wasn’t obvious:

Where to start? Besides somewhere other than the trailer does, preferably, with a pig-man hybrid (known in the film as “Muzzles”) shitting onto the ground and getting blown through the air by the force of a bullet to the head. This campy and absurdist slice of lowbrow action-slapstick satire takes place in a post-apocalyptic world of sorts, where a government program gone wrong has created the race of aforementioned pig-man hybrids who are now in charge, using humans as food and labor, save for an underground force of resistors trying to fight back. A pair of kids who saw their father (Danny Trejo, in what looks like it’s just a cameo despite his prominent placement in the promotional materials) murdered when they were children grow up to be bounty hunters taking on the Muzzles. Or maybe that’s just the brother; the sister might be doing something else, along with growing a thick mustache in the intervening years.

Reportedly, this began life as the pilot for a series before being reijiggered into a feature film (though at 76 minutes, it just barely qualifies). Shot in 17 days and benefitting from a crowdfunding campaign, Bullets Of Justice could very well turn out to be a case of the trailer giving you all you really need from this project; we’ll know when the film is released (it’s still making the festival rounds at present).

Alex McLevy is a writer and editor at The A.V. Club, and would kindly appreciate additional videos of robots failing to accomplish basic tasks.

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