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A Hulu-Netflix bidding war means the Arrested Development revival could actually happen

So far the promise of an Arrested Development revival has mostly gone like this: paaaarty, and bullshit, and paaaarty, and bullshit. But then a fucking fight broke out: According to Vulture, Hulu has now entered into a fierce bidding war with its streaming video nemesis Netflix over the rights to air the recently promised fourth season of the show—an escalation of interest that makes it even more likely that the show actually will return. Getting Arrested Development would certainly be a coup for either Netflix or Hulu, both of which have benefitted in the past from streaming episodes of Arrested Development (with Hulu specifically racking up more than 100 million hits from the show), and both of which have been making plays to become a source for original programming. And creator Mitchell Hurwitz believes the production of the new episodes will be relatively inexpensive, as they will focus mostly on a single character at a time, and has said already that they would be filmed together, thereby splitting the costs between whoever nabs the TV show and the long-promised movie, respectively. In short, this sudden bidding war has upgraded the stock we’d normally place in news of an Arrested Development revival to a “Don’t Buy,” and moved it even further into the realm of plausibility. Which, honestly, is just confusing.


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