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A handwritten sheet of Tupac Shakur lyrics is on sale for $40,000

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Signed albums or concert-used guitar picks are nice, but the ultimate form of music memorabilia has to be a physical sheet of handwritten lyrics. It’s like owning an actual piece of a song without pulling a Michael Jackson and controlling the rights to a bunch of music you like. That’s also probably why stuff like that tends to be wildly expensive, like the early handwritten draft of the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” that sold for more than $2 million back in 2014.

Now, a sheet of handwritten Tupac Shakur lyrics has gone on sale, and though the page is going for a lot less than Dylan’s, it’s still a pretty expensive piece of notebook paper. According to TMZ, a memorabilia company called Moments In Time is selling the lyrics to “Catchin’ Feelings”—which comes from Better Dayz, one of Tupac’s many posthumous albums—for $38,500. Moments In Time owner Gary Zimet seems to have owned the lyrics for some time and has been holding off on releasing them until this month, which marks the 20th anniversary of Shakur’s death.


TMZ doesn’t specify when the “Catchin’ Feelings” lyrics will be available for purchase, but the Moments In Time website currently has the “earliest known letter of Tupac Shakur” for only $35,000, so you could always pick that up while you wait.

[via Complex]

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