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Illustration for article titled A guy on iDivorce Court /isaid his girlfriend slept with the whole Wu-Tang Clan

Like a lot of bargain basement daytime reality shows—and reality shows in general—Divorce Court is bullshit. Couples go on there when their relationship falls apart and make outrageous, inflammatory, and untrue statements about each other that producers can’t and don’t want to fact check, and we, the pap-hungry public, eat it right up. That being said, when a guy goes on Divorce Court and accuses his girlfriend (???) of sleeping with all nine members of the Wu-Tang Clan, that’s something the world not only wants to watch, but that it downright needs.


In the clip below, Nathan accuses Lia of “giving the Wu some tang” after being invited onto their tour bus after a show one night. It’s as amazing as it sounds, though Lia insists nothing unsavory happened with the ODB-less group, who she says is made up of “nothing but gentlemen.” Lia also insists that she wouldn’t ever stoop to acting “like a bustdown or a groupie,” a notion that’s probably pretty fair, considering we wouldn’t assume Nathan slept with all five Spice Girls if he spent the night on their bus or whatever. Unfortunately, Lia doesn’t really say what she was doing on the bus with the Wu, but given what we know about the group, it’s fair to assume she spent a good portion of the night discussing the intricacies of Islam with Raekwon before delving into a heated game of chess with the RZA. What else could it have been?

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