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A guy from the Minority Report movie joins the Minority Report TV show (not Tom Cruise)

Illustration for article titled A guy from the iMinority Report/i movie joins the iMinority Report/i TV show (not Tom Cruise)

One of Fox’s upcoming TV pilots is a sequel to the popular-ish 2002 sci-fi film Minority Report. The movie was about future cops who use a bathtub full of psychics (called Precogs) to predict crimes that haven’t happened yet, allowing them to swoop in before anybody gets hurt. By the end of the movie, Tom Cruise exposes the wrongness of punishing people for crimes they haven’t committed, and he basically tears the whole system down. Naturally, the TV show will be a procedural about a detective who befriends one of the Precogs and uses his gifts to solve crimes, because that’s probably the least creative route Fox could’ve taken this in.


Anyway, as reported by Deadline, the pilot has now cast one of the people from the movie to reprise his role in the TV show. No, it’s not Tom Cruise. No, it’s not Max von Sydow. No, it’s not Neal McDonough. No, it’s not Tim Blake Nelson. No, it’s not Colin Farrell. No, it’s not Jim Rash—we didn’t even know he was in Minority Report, but IMDB rarely lies. Actually, it’s Daniel London, who played the Precog caretaker in the original movie. As you may recall, he’s the guy who really loved and cared for the Precogs, but not enough to actually let them out of their bathtub. He’s like a modern interpretation of the Rancor Keeper archetype. But yeah, he’s going to be in the show, and he’ll be played by Daniel London.

The Following and Damages Li Jun Li has also joined the show, but she wasn’t in the movie and therefore won’t be reprising any roles from the movie. She’ll be playing Akeela, a “Crime Scene Investigation technician” who works with the detective protagonist. Also, we assume she’s a spelling bee champion.

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