The greatest TV commercial of Super Bowl XLVIII wasn’t one of the big-ticket national ads that featured sexually frustrated bulls and tributes to America’s American-ness. Instead, the most daring, stunning, and hilarious Super Bowl ad was shown only on WTGS, a Fox affiliate serving parts of Georgia and South Carolina. Savannah personal-injury lawyer Jamie Casino bought a two-minute slot on WTGS to broadcast the greatest origin story the American tort system has ever known.

The Savannah Morning News has background on Casino’s tale of police corruption and personal revenge, but the Morning News just can’t tell the story like Casino can, with a flaming sledgehammer and a blaring metal soundtrack. The ad claims to be “based on a true story,” and it’s probably safe to assume that Casino’s climactic headstone smash is just one of the narrative embellishments here. But maybe it’s not, and maybe Casino really did memorialize his brother in an explosion of shattered rock and righteous rage. You can’t know for sure, and that’s why you want this man representing you in a court of law. [via Deadspin]