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A Game Of Thrones-themed restaurant is opening in London

Illustration for article titled A iGame Of Thrones/i-themed restaurant is opening in London

If you’re like most Game Of Thrones fans, you’ve probably watched scene after scene of gory carnage, creepy sex, and elaborate feasts and thought to yourself, “I wonder what all this would taste like.” You’re in luck, because right on the heels of the release of the season five trailer and a bevy of new pictures comes word that HBO is opening a Game Of Thrones-themed restaurant in London.

The pop-up restaurant will run from February 13-15 to celebrate the release of season four on DVD and Blu-ray in the U.K. Occurring at the Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel, the theme of the dinner is a “private, clandestine meeting of the Small Council in King’s Landing.” And if the promise of a meal based around the idea of talking politics with people you hate isn’t enough, HBO has revealed the name and makings of one dish, called “The Lies Of Tyrion Lannister And His Proclaimed Innocence.” It features poached veal tongue with beetroot, horseradish, and “Oldtown Mustard,” which definitely sounds like it should be a brand.

The dinner will be limited to winners of a competition, which you can enter here if all of this sounds great to you. HBO is calling this experience All Men Must Dine, which likely means there’s a whiteboard somewhere at HBO headquarters that looks like this:

  • A Song Of Rice And Flour
  • A Lannister Always Soufflés His Baguettes
  • Yum! Incest!
  • Blintzes Are Coming
  • The Bread Wedding
  • Valar Morghulicious
  • Something Something Let’s Eat Direwolf Meat

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