When Captain EO premiered at Disneyland in 1986, the stars of the day came out in full force. The Michael Jackson flick’s big party drew everyone from Alan Thicke to Dolph Lundgren, from “spicy novelist” Jackie Collins to Yakov Smirnoff, creating a bizarre pastiche of what it meant to be a celebrity in the mid ‘80s. Even more bizarre is just how far we’ve come since, something that’s clear watching Everything Is Terrible’s new edit of the EO premiere footage. While it’s kind of neat to see Anjelica Huston (who’s actually in Captain EO) looking totally insane, other marquee stars at the event have long ago come and gone. Night Court’s Richard Moll, for instance, gets chatted up big time in the clip, but hasn’t appeared in anything notable for years.  And don’t even get us started on O.J. Simpson, “one of the greatest athletes of all time.”