Screenshot: YouTube

It has been a time of great turmoil in the Star Wars anthology universe lately. First came the news that directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord were booted from the Han Solo film, and today comes a dishy report from The Hollywood Reporter detailing the directors’ insistence upon improvisational comedy at the expense of Lawrence Kasdan’s script, as well as a reportedly troubling lead performance from Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo. And honestly, if this movie were shaping up badly, it is probably for the best that they shifted ownership of it to noted Star Wars enthusiast Ron Howard. If there is one thing that you do not want, it is to betray the legacy of Han Solo. It is fair to imagine the mighty displeasure of the Star Wars-viewing populace were such a thing to be mishandled.

Now comes this anonymous screed from a former Star Wars star who, it is fair to say, knows a thing or two about the ire of Star Wars fans.

While Lord and Miller may’ve welcomed such zany comic input, Howard’s here to finish the damn job. Sorry, Jar Jar.