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Not sure about y’all, but we already miss Fat Bear Week. (Congrats, Holly!) So thank you, Netflix, for sending this trailer right on time. Can we interest you in... dancing birdies who are looking for love?

Narrated by Stephen Fry, this documentary—from the creators of Our Planet–looks to be exactly what it says on the tin: birds, dancing. Specifically, it’s “some of the world’s most majestic birds displaying delightfully captivating dancing rituals as they search for a mate,” so they’re not just having a Footloose dance-out-your-feelings-in-a-barn kind of moment.


As with Our Planet, the filmmakers manage to capture moments that, either on their own or through clever music and editing, feel undeniably human, as with the “conducting” bird that opens the trailer, or that brazen little guy pictured above. Also among the tropical birds-of-paradise featured, per a press release: a bird that mimics snuffling pigs, “the gyrating twelve-wired bird-of-paradise,” and “the greatest showman, otherwise known as the Carola’s Parotia, whose dancing rivals none other.”

Dancing With The Birds arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, October 23.

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