We know more than one person in our readership is out there wondering what Sigur Rós are up to lately, and apparently the answer is a ton of nifty shit. On top of a vaguely mentioned "few releases planned for later this year," singer-guitarist Jon Thor Birgisson also makes up half of the art-music duo Riceboy Sleeps, which just released a book of visual art and is prepping a 10" single, according to a message on the Sigur Rós mailing list. In August, RS will move its work from the sophisticated spaces of Reykjavik to, um, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Meantime, Artist In Residence, a sort of elaborate fanzine, makes Sigur Rós the subject of its first book, In A Frozen Sea: A Year With Sigur Rós. But it's not some charming hand-stapled thing down at the local comics shop. The regular edition is $20, and a limited edition, including a collector's set of seven LPs, now runs $150.