Fay Wray in King King (1933). (Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Usually, in anything Kong-related, the female leads are relegated to screaming, running, being offered up as sacrifices, and getting scooped up into giant furry hands (and, in the case of King Kong ā€˜76 star Jessica Lange, getting smacked around by a giant pair of mechanical hands helmed by Italian technicians). But Kong: Skull Islandā€™s Brie Larson was, as The A.V. Clubā€™s A.A. Dowd put it, ā€œa touch less damsel-in-distressā€ than her predecessors, and an upcoming TV project reported in Deadline is hoping to take that trend even further with a ā€œfemale-led, multi-cultural ensembleā€ series set in the Kong universe.

Called King Kong Skull Island, the independent projectā€”which has yet to find a network homeā€”is based on Merian C. Cooperā€™s King Kong, a rewrite of the original novel published in 2005, and the illustrated novel Skull Island from writer/illustrator Joe DeVito. But donā€™t expect blockbuster-level special effects: The project hails from MarVista Entertainment, the production company best known for Lifetime originals like House Of Versace and A Deadly Adoption. Itā€™s more Mighty Peking Man than Peter Jackson, in other words.