Film editor and animation director Paul Hollingsworth and his daughter Hailee like building Lego play sets together (she reviews them under the YouTube moniker BrickGrrl), so they remade the classic sauropod thriller Jurassic Park into a stop motion animated Lego short film. Granted, most plucky father-daughter duos don’t have access to $100,000 worth of Lego bricks and a small team of master builders, musicians, and animation professionals, but this Lego rendition of Jurassic Park has a D.I.Y. charm all the same.

Eight-year-old Hailee, born well after Jurassic Park’s theatrical debut, describes the movie as “so cool,” despite it being full of terrifying dinosaurs that would devour tiny humans like so many jelly-filled donut holes. She built the Visitor’s Center for this short film, which is also so cool, and you can see in the “Making Of” video below.


[via Laughing Squid]