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A Fast & Furious arena tour is on its way

Flying Tyrese Gibson not included. (Image: Fast & Furious 6)

Here’s one for anyone who loves watching the Fast & The Furious movies, but hates that there’s no chance a car might suddenly nitro boost itself into the theater, crushing them and everyone they love: Universal has announced that it’s launching an arena tour based on the franchise, bringing its fast cars, hot stunts, and copious exhaust fumes to performance venues on an international scale.

The tour promises to be “the most spectacular live automotive production in history,” using a blend of practical and digital effects to recreate many of stunts from the Tokyo-drifting franchise. Brand Events, the team behind the tour, previously gave the BBC’s car series Top Gear a similar experience, touring a car-stunting spectacular throughout the U.K. and into international markets.


The Fast & The Furious’ eighth installment, The Fate Of The Furious, arrives in theaters on April 14, 2017. Fast And Furious Live will begin touring the planet in January of 2018.

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