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A Fallout board game is coming to a post-apocalyptic tabletop near you

Fallout 3 (Screenshot: Bethesda Softworks)

A new board game based on Fallout, the popular post-apocalyptic video game series, is set to hit stores this year. It’s coming from Fantasy Flight, one of modern board gaming’s most prolific publishers and the company behind last year’s XCOM game, and it features stories, settings, and characters from Fallout 3 and 4. A game for between one and four players, it includes four scenarios the play through. These are narratives taking place in the series’ various post-nuclear war locations, like Washington D.C. and New England, and each one determines the placement of a few special locations on the board, as well as the two warring factions you’ll have to deal with.

Photo: Fantasy Flight

Players will create their survivor—based on a few Fallout archetypes and some snazzy miniatures—explore the wasteland, and take on quests that move the story forward and affect your standing with the factions. And just like in the video games, Fantasy Flight wants to offer mounds of side quests to distract from completing the scenario’s main story. The winner is the player who accumulates the most influence around the wasteland, as measured by cards you receive for exploring the map and finishing quests. Fantasy Flight is hoping to release its Fallout game this holiday season, which sounds like perfect timing, assuming we’re not all living a real-life version by then.

Photo: Fantasy Flight

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