It looks like Vice is getting closer to finally taking over TV. According to The Hollywood Reporter, A&E Networks—the group behind Lifetime, The History Channel, and that one Duck Dynasty channel—is buying a 10 percent stake in the magazine-turned-media-empire for $250 million. The deal, which THR says will also give Vice its own TV channel, officially values the company as a whole at $2.5 billion. This news comes only a few hours after negotiations between Vice and Time Warner broke down, with Time Warner offering to let Vice take over news network HLN and transform it into a hip, edgy, in-your-face news paradise. Time Warner was probably also offering less money than A&E, which is understandable, since $250 million for 10 percent is a ton of money. It’s so much money, in fact, that Vice could probably use it to criticize people’s weird fashion choices until the end of time.