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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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After 13 seasons, 246 interventions, and years of viewer I’m-addicted-to-Intervention Twitter puns, A&E’s Intervention is ending. Five final episodes will air on Thursdays at 9PM ET starting June 13.


Throughout its tenure, the show has featured addictions to substances and experiences ranging from heroin to plastic surgery, and, according to a network press release, has a hand in the current sobriety of 156 people. It has also been part of a group reality television shows focusing on severe mental illness that toe (and sometimes stampede over) the line between genuine depiction of sickness and exploitative emotional voyeurism.

In recent seasons, Intervention has recently been largely outperformed by A&E’s Duck Dynasty, a reality show that toes the admittedly much lower stakes (and seemingly uncrossable) line between not enough duck calls and too many duck calls.

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