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A&E cancels Hoarders, begrudgingly throws old episodes into a big dumpster in its driveway

A&E has cancelled Hoarders, meaning it will no longer be stockpiling episodes, stacking them up like old newspapers placed precariously close to a space heater. The network aired 71 episodes of the often-disturbing show over the course of six seasons, the last of which finished airing this past February. While the network gave the similarly cancelled Intervention a big send-off when it went off the air earlier this summer, Hoarders won’t get a similar treatment. In fact, A&E has yet to give so much as an official statement on the show’s cancellation, but it’s worth noting that shows like the far less serious Duck Dynasty are far more lucrative for the network. They are also much less likely to feature crushed cat skeletons.

As Reality Blurred points out, while Hoarders did manage to call attention to the serious problem of hoarding over the past few years, it didn’t manage to end it. As of right now, there are still as many as 14 million hoarders living in the United States, all of them probably needing some sort of non-reality-TV help.

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