Willem Dafoe is reportedly in talks  to co-star with Robin Wright in Anton Corbjin’s espionage thriller A Most Wanted Man, replacing previously reported stars Philip Seymour Hoffman and Rachel McAdams. Dafoe will now play the lead in the film adapted by screenwriter Andrew Bovell from a John le Carré novel, which concerns a Chechen mystery man who arrives in Hamburg, his every move closely monitored by a wily German spymaster.

In the meantime, Dafoe is currently hard at work in Louisiana, filming Whiskey Bay. The directorial debut of Chris Brinker (who previously crossed paths with Dafoe as producer of The Boondock Saints) stars Dafoe and Matt Dillon as, respectively, a cop and a white supremacist who agrees to work undercover with Dafoe to bring down the Aryan Brotherhood. Photos from the shoot that have leaked so far suggest the finished film will be strongly rated “FH,” for Facial Hair.