Photos: Getty (Left: Tim Boyle, Right: Handout)

Sue is a Tyrannosaurus rex that resides in Chicago’s Field Museum, where the beast also apparently kills time on Twitter when not terrifying clusters of schoolchildren. A recent tweet asked its fans what they would like to see more of from the account.

Random feuds? Well, being that this is one of the most fearsome carnivores to have ever lived, Sue knew it needed a formidable foe, the kind who wouldn’t go down without a fight. Obviously, the dino went after Merriam-Webster.

Lest we forget, M-W is the same account that has found itself wading deep into the cultural war, because the very meaning of words is now up for debate thanks to the likes of Kellyanne Conway, Ivanka Trump, and, on multiple occasions, President Donald Trump. All it took was five words to send Sue spiraling back into extinction.


This was a pretty solid comeback from the venerable dictionary, and it was received rapturously online, where a dictionary and a Tyrannosaurus rex sparring is sort of par for the course these days.


A weaker entity may have deleted their damn account in the wake of such humiliation, but let us remember that, despite their teensy arms, a T. rex could still kick the dirt out of your run-of-the-mill raptor. Instead of responding by untethering itself from the Field Museum’s reports and jamming its gnashing jaws into the office of whoever’s cleverly updating Merriam-Webster’s social media, Sue relented gracefully.


Tomorrow, presumably, they’ll have teamed up to fight the Denny’s Instagram account and horse_ebooks, because nothing means anything anymore.