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A dead body and a huge bear star in the trailer for survival thriller Body At Brighton Rock

Roxanne Benjamin, who churned out some solid shorts in fare like XX and Southbound, returns next month with a feature, Body At Brighton Rock. A tense survival thriller with a spooky twist, the film follows a part-timer at a state park who, after stumbling upon a dead body, is forced to spend the night in mountainous backcountry swarming with threats both human and animal.

Karina Fontes, Casey Adams, Emily Althaus, and John Getz star in the film, which Benjamin says was inspired by Jack London, Hatchet, Stephen King’s short fiction, and the oeuvre of teen horror author Christopher Pike.


To that we offer a hearty “hell fuckin’ yes,” so do watch the full trailer above ahead of Body At Brighton Rock’s April 26 premiere.

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