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A Dark Souls expert does a deep dive into From Software’s next game, Bloodborne

Marcus “EpicNameBro” Sanders made a name for himself by making YouTube videos about Dark Souls, connecting the very loose ends that make up its story and putting them together for players who are looking for something more. His prominence in that community even led to a gig working on the official Dark Souls II strategy guide. Now, he’s turned his attention toward Bloodborne, the PlayStation 4 exclusive coming next year from the creators of Dark Souls, and any light an expert like EpicNameBro can shine on this still mysterious game is greatly appreciated.

EpicNameBro’s latest video has him analyzing all the Bloodborne footage that From Software has released thus far. There isn’t much—a couple of cinematic trailers and a six-minute video of the latest game demo—but he’s able to squeeze more than 20 minutes of commentary and tantalizing details out of it, all delivered with infectious enthusiasm. His insights range from nitty-gritty observations regarding the game’s quick, brutal combat to just trying to figure out what the heck the title Bloodborne has to do with anything. Plus, we never would have noticed that amazing giant spider wrapping itself around the tower in the background without him stopping to point it out. Thanks for the nightmares!


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