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A dang egg is now Instagram's most-liked post of all time

Photo: Andreas Rentz (Getty Images)

Just in case you needed further proof that likes, favs, and social media impressions are completely meaningless, a picture of an egg recently usurped the title of most-liked photo on Instagram from professional famous person Kylie Jenner. Modern miracles like this don’t happen on accident, though. According to Taylor Lorenz of The Atlantic, the egg account was launched earlier this month by a kid from London with the express purpose of breaking the world record. Yesterday, the egg reached its goal.


The record for most likes was previously held by the first photo Jenner shared of her daughter, Stormi, which racked up 18.2 million likes. In just ten days, a generic picture of an egg obliterated that record and, as of this publishing, has just over 30 million likes. Following the definitive victory, the admin for the egg account shared a message to his followers, a.k.a. the #EggGang, saying, “It doesn’t end here though, we’re only just getting started.”

“Why?” you may ask. “Why did people do this?” Because nothing means anything anymore. Jenner and the “influencer” culture she helped spawn gauge success by social media buzz, inspiring an entire generation to do the same. Now, a stock photo of an egg has been deemed more culturally valuable by these metrics than anything they’ve ever previously posted. Postmodern media studies would be written about this moment if not for the fact that, in a week, no one will remember or care that it happened.

For now, though, please look at the egg.


Robert Allam, the man who rose to internet fame as Reddit’s top user, put it thusly to Forbes:

“It’s been fascinating watching one of the biggest, ‘famous,’ media influencers today be overtaken by the shitposting meme masses. This is what the internet is all about. When and if the day comes where a random comedic meme cannot overtake one of the biggest social media sponsor money-pump in existence, we’ll be able to say that the internet as we knew it is dead. Until that day comes we can rejoice in watching the organic noise echo louder than the money machines of our internet today.”


Jenner, her throne stolen from under her, is reacting accordingly. Based on her recent post on Instagram, she’s got revenge on her mind. Watch yourself, egg.


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