The Internet is full of stories of crafty or tech-savvy moms and dads applying their professional gifts to give their kids unique experiences—the CGI-enhanced adventures of YouTube star Action Movie Kid come to mind, for instance. A cynic might be inclined to accuse the parents in question of doing some of these elaborate projects for their own sake, dressing their kids up in the stuff they wish that they had had when they were young.

A dad dressing his kid up in a regular Boba Fett costume, for instance, would probably be indulging his own Star Wars nostalgia. Relatively few six-year-olds have strong attachments to minor non-speaking characters from decades-old movies. But dressing your kid up in a Lego Boba Fett costume, complete with detachable plastic jetpack? That’s just good parenting.


Created by CGS1, a member of the Star Wars costuming collective The Dented Helmet, the costume pretty perfectly mimics the glossy, painted-on appearance of Lego minifigs, all the way down to the connector holes on the backs of the legs. Of course, because of the helmet, we can’t know for certain whether CGS1’s kid is actually enjoying being turned into a living Lego figurine, except for the part where he’s a kid, and he’s been turned into a Lego. Like the song says, everything about this is awesome.

No word yet on whether Greenpeace has any plans to dump oil on him.


[via io9]