A.D. The Bible Continues, burying the lede

A.D. The Bible Continues, the show about an undead creature who rises from the grave to demand the souls of the living, has been canceled. Following in the footsteps of its similarly ratings-challenged time-slot partner American Odyssey, the series debuted to decent numbers and then steadily lost viewers, possibly because it was obvious how the story was going to turn out. Despite risking the ire of über-producer Mark Burnett (he of the unstoppable reality series juggernauts Survivor, The Voice, and many others)—not to mention the wrath of the Almighty himself—the show ended its run with a 0.7 Live+SD demo rating, which is a number even Mulaney would laugh at.

However, much like its central character, A.D. could come back to life. Cinema Blend reports that Burnett and his producing partner/wife Roma Downey have long been planning to launch an online channel for faith-based programming, finally offering an outlet for the Christians who have been denied any voice in American culture for far too long. Supposedly, the two hope to buy the rights to A.D. The Bible Continues back from NBC and use it to launch the enterprise. If successful, the channel could launch as early as next year. Though, really, it’s a little unclear why they’d spend the money just for that title—we’re pretty sure The Bible is public domain at this point, unless the Gideons pulled some sneaky shit and edged elderly King James out of the marketplace.