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A couple of reunions: Hanks/Roberts and Foley/McDonald

Three years after Charlie Wilson's War, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are back together again, reports Deadline.com. The two will be starring in Larry Crowne, a comedy about a man reinventing himself. Not much is known about the plot beyond that vague, vague premise, but in addition to starring, Hanks will write and direct. Hanks has done the writer/director/actor triple play once before, in That Thing You Do! Between that film's charm and Hanks' and Roberts' chemistry in Charlie Wilson's War, there's certainly a lot of potential for Larry Crowne.

Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald, two of the much-loved Kids In The Hall, are reuniting in a sitcom for Canada's CBC about members of an '80s rock band forced to reunite and—not wacky enough for you?—live together. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show, Big in the 80s, will be written and produced by Foley and McDonald as well. This is good news for the troupe's fervent fanbase, and timely, as the reunion miniseries Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town airs tonight. Foley and McDonald have proven themselves as purveyors of weird, witty comedy, so here's hoping for the best. If the show goes well, can it be long before their fellow Kids follow?


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