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A couple of mischievous rascals in Michigan hacked an electronic billboard to play pornography

Screenshot: Detroit Free Press (YouTube)

It sounds like the most amusing opening to an episode of Forensic Files: Last Saturday night, emergency services in Auburn Hills, Michigan were inundated with calls from drivers reporting that an electronic billboard on the interstate was showing pornography. Speaking with the Detroit Free Press, Auburn Hills Police Lt. Ryan Gagnon said the clip, which appears to have been a compilation of more than one scene, played for about 15 to 20 minutes. Unsurprisingly, the graphic billboard display caused multiple drivers to abruptly pump their brakes, resulting in a rubbernecking situation as several of them recorded the unexpected porn on their phones. Stating the obvious, the local police noted that the pornographic prank “could” have caused an accident (a car accident, ya pervs).


According to some very observant Reddit users (and confirmed by Vice), one clip was taken from a video featuring adult performers Xev Bellringer and Princess Leia (no relation). Evocatively titled “Bodyswap Accident Makes You Come in Her Mouth,” the video can be found on Bellringer’s verified Pornhub profile. On Monday night, Auburn Hills police released security footage featuring the mischievous little scamps allegedly responsible for hacking the billboard: A pair of white men wearing glasses and hoodies to obscure their faces. The guys broke into a building guarded by a six-foot fence, where they hacked into the computer that controls the billboard. According to the local police department, the suspects face “a possible penalty of 90 days in jail and/or a $500 fine,” as well as “potential burglary charges for forcing entry into the building to gain access to the computer system, which is a felony offense.”

Reached for comment by Vice, Bellringer said, “Yes that is me, I never thought this would happen with my content. I’m just happy that no one was injured!” Princess Leia said she’s “very relieved to hear that no one was hurt,” and hopesthat this will open a larger public discussion regarding the safety of electronic billboards.” The two suspects remain at large.


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