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A couple made an adorable Drunk History video about how they first met

YouTube user Justin Willman

Fans of Comedy Central’s Drunk History have been busy celebrating the return of season three—presumably with drunk viewing parties if they’re truly dedicated viewers. Newlyweds Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins took their love of Drunk History to the next level at their wedding rehearsal dinner earlier this month, where the couple debuted their very own Drunk History-style video about how they first met. The couple explained their idea to Buzzfeed, with Willman saying, “Drunk History is one of our favorite shows on TV and we figured it’d be a fitting format.”

Just as comedians get super hammered with Drunk History co-creator Derek Waters and proceed to retell stories from American history that are then reenacted by celebrities, Willman and Sipkins split a bottle of Jameson and an unspecified amount of wine and vodka sodas before sitting down to narrate the story of their relationship, beginning with their meet-cute at Seth Rogen’s Hilarity For Charity event, where Willman performed as a comedian and magician while Sipkins attended as a photographer. The full video is a little over 12 minutes long and takes viewers through Willman and Sipkins’ various chance encounters until they finally got together. The production value is great, especially the performances of the friends they got to lip-dub their narration, who are on-par with some of Drunk History’s best reenactors. It also stars their very adorable dogs.

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