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A cosplay-clad Jamie Lee Curtis yells “Leeroy Jenkins” at Warcraft premiere

Scream Queens

Jamie Lee Curtis continues to cement her place as Hollywood’s coolest nerd mom, showing up at the recent premiere of the Warcraft movie in full cosplay as a member of the Orcish horde. The Scream Queens star attended the event with her son, Thomas Guest, also in full Orgrimmar regalia. (And those of you who want to make fun of us for knowing the name of the Orcish capitol from World Of Warcraft might want to back off, because we’ve got the unkillable star of Halloween on our side.)


To be clear, Curtis isn’t in Duncan Jones’ new film. She apparently just really digs the game, down to invoking the name of one of its most foolhardy crusaders by calling out a hearty “LEEEEEROY JENKINS” with her son.

This isn’t the first time Curtis has gone all out for a big nerd event, either. Last year, she attended BlizzCon—run by and for the games’ creator, Blizzard Entertainment—in a wild-haired troll mask. She also showed up at EVO 2015, one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world, dressed as masked Street Fighter warrior Vega. (Also, she apparently loves making silly nerd puns, because Jamie Lee Curtis is amazing.)


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