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A “core” Pokémon game is in development for Nintendo Switch

No footage or screenshots of the upcoming game are available, so enjoy this promotional art from Pokemon: The First Movie (Photo: Getty Images)

Nintendo went and disappointed the whole internet last week when it held a special Pokémon-themed livestream that didn’t end up including the announcement of a new, mainline Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch. Well, as it turns out, the company was holding onto that news for its E3 livestream, where Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of The Pokémon Company, dropped by to nonchalantly announce that, yes, a “core RPG Pokémon title” is in development for the Nintendo Switch. Game Freak, the studio that’s been responsible for the series since it debuted in 1996, is producing it. No footage, or even a teaser trailer like we got for the similarly mysterious Metroid Prime 4, was shown, and Ishihara noted that it “may not be released for more than a year.” But it’s in development, so that’s something.

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