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A cluster of brilliant f-bombs highlights this collection of Veep’s best insults

Every episode, the writers and cast of Veep discover impressively vulgar ways to insult each other. The performers find innovative methods to add more disdain to a single “fuck” that is loaded with enough vitriol to power the beltway. The utter contempt that the characters display for each other and the entire political process is what helps make the show so entertaining and compelling to watch.

Mashable has gathered some of the best insults from Veep’s four seasons in just under two minutes. It’s a hilarious round-up of some of the best profane zingers from the series—most directed at Timothy Simons’ Jonah—that distills just what makes this such an outstanding and linguistically entertaining series. Be forewarned, the video contains a lot of “fucks,” so maybe turn down the speakers at work when listening to it.


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