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A classic Animaniacs song gets a cinematic remake courtesy of 168 movies

Screenshot: Animaniacs/Warner Bros.

It’s probably not much of a stretch to say that plenty of people of a certain age have Animaniacs musical numbers to thank for their wealth of geographic knowledge. Before there was “Wakko’s America,” which forever drilled all 50 states and their capitals into the brains of American children, there was the equally memorable “Yakko’s World.” Set to the tune of the traditional Mexican song “Jarabe Tapatío,” it runs down many, but not all, of the countries in the world as of 1993. It remains one of the show’s most popular songs, and now it’s the subject of the latest video in The Unusual Suspect’s Cinema Sings series,

Ross “The Unusual Suspect” Fearnley used footage from 168 different movies to recreate this jaunty earworm and transform it into a frenzied, cinematic recitation. We’re not sure what sounds like more of a headache: actually editing this monstrosity together or searching out mentions of nations like Zambia and Lesotho.


[via Laughing Squid]

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