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Screenshot: Netflix (YouTube)

Two years ago, Netflix got the Hallmark suits sweating with A Christmas Prince, a meme-able trifle about a reporter’s tryst with the prince of an ever-idyllic country called Aldovia. The tradition rolled on with last year’s Royal Wedding, but Netflix is emphasizing kooky over cozy these days, meaning that if the Christmas Prince franchise wants to keep up with Vanessa Hudgens’ time-traveling romance and Rob Lowe’s yuletide elephant sanctuary in Zambia, it better get weird.

And weird it gets! In the trailer for the sequel, mayo-ass royals Amber (Rose McIver) and Richard (Ben Lamb) must uphold a 600-year-old sacred truce with Asian royalty lest their first-born child be in danger. “The treaty is missing and if we don’t find it our baby is cursed,” Amber says, McIver delivering the line with just the right hint of mild annoyance.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby arrives on Netflix on December. Please let the baby get cursed. Make this shit dark. That’ll get you your precious memes.


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