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A child’s toy nearly proves deadly in this exclusive clip from Desierto

To call the premise for Gravity writer Jonás Cuarón‘s new thriller Desierto “current” is an understatement. “Ripped from the headlines” would be more accurate, as a trailer for the film’s Mexican release featuring some anti-immigration statements from a certain extra-crispy presidential candidate would attest. The film follows a group of immigrants crossing the U.S./Mexico border whose already-brutal journey through the desert turns lethal after they’re targeted by a vigilante determined to take border security into his own hands.

The A.V. Club is premiering an exclusive clip from Desierto, featuring Gael García Bernal and Alondra Hidalgo as migrants Moises and Adela and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the villainous Sam. In the clip, a sentimental keepsake in Moises’ backpack nearly gives away his hiding place:


If the rest of the film is this tense, audiences are in for a real nail-biter when Desierto premieres in U.S. theaters on October 14.

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