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A Chicago donut shop is printing Mitch Hedberg's "Receipt For Donut" routine on its receipts

One pop-culture savvy donut shop employee is doing the lord’s work. After being given permission to put whatever he wants on customer’s receipts at Stan’s Donuts in Chicago, he decided to include a printed transcription of Mitch Hedberg’s “Receipt For Donut” bit, in which the late comedian claims that he can’t think of a situation in which he’d need a receipt for a donut.


The staffer posted a picture of the receipt to Reddit, where it quickly got a lot of play—including getting picked up by places like the International Business Times. Said Redditor insists his donut receipts shouldn’t be in the actual news, but a donut-hungry public clearly has a fever for witty cashier banter. According to Geekosystem, the receipt message was subsequently changed to a Simpsons quote (“Donuts, is there anything they can’t do?”), but the Redditor says that, “with all the press, my boss’ boss let [him] put it back on the receipts.”

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