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A celebration of the gorgeous world of Hitman from one of video gaming’s best sources

Screenshot: YouTube (Other Places)

In the grand universe of video game YouTube series, Other Places served as an island: no personalities, no funny voices, no special effects, no talking or industry speculation, no one, in fact, at all. Each video was just artfully constructed shots, sometimes still and sometimes roving slowly, through the gorgeous three-dimensional worlds of video games. It was a celebration of art direction, and of the astonishing work being done to create video games before their various mechanics and storylines even get mapped over top.

After seemingly calling it quits last August after a few dozen videos and three years, the series unexpectedly returned yesterday, with this thoughtful trip through the gorgeous locales of last year’s Hitman reboot.

It’s a celebration of the quiet beauty of a game that served settings like Paris, Bangkok, and Colorado well, each begging to be explored at a quiet, thoughtful pace. Their violence was a function of their environments.


When you’re done with that, buzz through the rest of Other Places’ videos, which will hopefully be returning for good. Here’s a great one for Max Payne 3:

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