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A cadre of horror legends assembles for Rock Paper Dead


A new film called Rock Paper Dead is assembling a Dirty Quartet of horror talent, led by Fright Night director Tom Holland. Scheduled for a 2017 release, the film concerns serial killer Peter Harris, a.k.a. “The Doll Maker,” who returns home after a 20-year stint in a mental institution. Of course, in this kind of film, the treatment rarely pans out, and soon Harris is besieged by tortured memories from a much rougher-than-average childhood before returning to his murderous ways and setting his sights on a young woman named Ashley.

Director Holland is no stranger to creepy dolls, having brought Chucky to movie screens as the writer and director of 1987’s Child’s Play. Holland also is no slouch when it comes to presumably reformed mass murders, having penned Psycho II in 1983. While the film certainly sounds creepy on paper, Holland is known for the gallows humor that he brings to his films.


Visual effects for the film will be created by Emmy-winning Dick Smith protégé Vincent Guastini. Guastini got his start in movie makeup on the perpetual USA Up All Night gem Spookies, eventually working on Child’s Play 3 (which had no involvement from Holland), Last Of The Mohicans, and Requiem For A Dream. According to Deadline, Guastini will also be creating serial killer-inspired masks and dolls based on the film.

Tapped to write is Victor Miller, who is arguably best known for his work on the original Friday The 13th (he’s credited with creating the characters of Jason Voorhees and his mom). Miller is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Horror, Inc over ownership of the characters, which is funny because in the ‘80s, not even Paramount —who cranked the movies out once a year—wanted to lay claim to Jason.

Completing the team, another Friday The 13th alum, Harry Manfredini, has signed on to score the film. Rock Paper Dead is slated for a Halloween 2017 release.

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