Skeletons unfortunately not included

When Ray Harryhausen died in 2013, he left behind a decades-long legacy of movie history and amazing practical effects. Now, fans of the pioneering stop-motion wizard can own a part of that legacy, thanks to the problem-solving magic of money.

As reported by, several items of Harryhausen memorabilia are currently up for auction, with most of the material being signed posters, awards, and a couple of the effects master’s cameras. (Sadly, no dinosaurs or sword-wielding skeletons are available, so nostalgia-minded film buffs will have to put their action figure fantasies on hold for another day.) There are some interesting items up for sale, though, including a couple of what look to be design models of heads for figures, plus a helmet from Clash Of The Titans, so not all your Medusa-battling dress-up dreams are necessarily dashed.