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A bunch of iconic Breaking Bad props are going up for auction, including Tio Salamanca's bell and Walt's copy of Leaves Of Grass

Interested in owning Walter White’s beat up Pontiac Aztek from Breaking Bad? Well, then it’s time to figure out how to make meth, make some, sell it, get involved with a drug kingpin, destroy your family, screw your friends, and make some money, because a bunch of props from the hit AMC show are about to go up for auction. Screenbid, a new prop auction site, is selling off about 250 props from the show, including Skyler White’s 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, a couple of pretty important Hazmat suits, the iconic charred pink teddy bear from the bottom of the White’s pool, Tuco’s Lucite-encased grill, and Walter White’s incriminating copy of Leaves Of Grass, complete with Gale’s “To my other favorite WW” inscription. Everything available is pretty damn iconic, from Tio Salamanca’s bell and wheelchair to a bunch of Hank’s minerals.

The auction starts today, and most items are going for at least $100, so check it out, and maybe stay in this weekend and save some funds. Owning Walter White’s tighty whities would be worth it.


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