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A bunch of comedians shout out Jon Stewart on his last day as Daily Show host

The endless goodbye continues apace as we prepare to load Jon Stewart into a rocket-powered spaceship coffin and launch his body into the stratosphere. (Quitting a popular TV show isn’t easy.) But many of the comedians Stewart has inspired and befriended over the years want to send one more shout-out to the guy who made hearing about the news sightly more tolerable in the 21st century. Mashable reached out to a bevy of folks that have known, been helped by, or even just outright influenced by The Daily Show host over the years. Some of their messages are sweet, some are silly, but all of them are heartfelt. There’s a bunch of great people here—Sara Benincasa, Ron Funches, Jen Kirkman, and numerous others—but Darcy Michael’s might be our favorite.


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