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A briefcase full of Ed Wood’s stuff is for sale online

Nothing angora, sadly

We’re pretty sure that directing talent—or the lack thereof—can’t be transmitted through touch, or else Wes Anderson’s masseuse would be a critical darling by now. So it’s presumably safe to purchase the briefcase full of Ed Wood’s stuff that’s currently being auctioned off by the auction house RR Auction. According to the Associated Press, the briefcase is part of a lot obtained from the widow of a man who collected Ed Wood memorabilia. The lot includes not only the briefcase and two trunks personally owned and used by Wood, but four leather-bound notebooks, his personal set of Jail Bait lobby cards, photos and press books with Wood’s handwritten notes, news clippings and flyers, and two binders of candid photographs, which, considering some of Wood’s more infamous proclivities, could be quite saucy.

Speaking of, the description of the lot on RR Auction’s website also contains this interesting item:

One lined notebook page of Wood’s typed and handwritten notes on sexual terminology, 8.5 x 11, with typed dictionary definitions of the words “Aphrodisiac,” “Testosterone,” and “Philter or Philthe.” At the top of the page Wood has penned two brief definitions: “Anaphrodisia: absence of sexual desire” and “Anaphrodisiac: asexual, cold, frigidity.” He added a list of terms at the bottom in black ink: “Cleopatra ointment, Gonadol, Allurex, Aphrodex, Make Hard, Oysterex.”


The auction opened to online bidders yesterday and continues through March 18. The lot currently has four bidders and stands at $3,328. (Cleopatra ointment not included.)

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