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A brief history of swearing in movies

Profanity has a long and rich history in film, dating back to the dawn of talkies. So the folks at Movie Munchies have gone ahead and condensed nearly 90 years of onscreen swearing into an almost three-minute-long highlight reel.

Here are a few of the interesting facts from the video: The first use of “fuck” in a movie was in a cartoon. At one point, the MPAA dictated that profanity was only acceptable if the character was quoting famous literature. Jack Nicholson was the first A-list actor to swear on camera after the MPAA’s ban was lifted. And Al Pacino still holds the record for the most “fucks” in a movie, thanks to his work in Scarface.


Watch all the foul-mouthed history here.

[Via Laughing Squid]

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